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Prize/Award winner Title Artwork
劉子平(Dept. of Fine Arts, Ph.D.) Awarded "2016年台灣國展油畫比賽 優選" work´ s name:《平洋的島嶼與星辰》
范祐晟(Dept. of Fine Arts, Master.) Awarded "National Students' Fine Arts Competition watercolor First Prize" work´ s name:《雨霽》
蔡宗佑(Dept. of Fine Arts, Ph.D.) Awarded "Next Art Tainan First Prize"
卓宜儒(Dept. of Design) Awarded "第六屆全國學生台灣原住民海報創作競賽 最大獎-HP特別獎" work´ s name:《感恩祭典之美--鄒族戰祭》
陳沛珛(Dept. of Fine Arts) Awarded "Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême 駐村漫畫家" work´ s name:《The beach》
林承翰(Dept. of Fine Arts) Awarded "第十五屆彩墨新人賞 新人獎" work´ s name:《靜因》
洪郁喜(Dept. of Fine Arts, Ph.D.) Awarded "第十五屆彩墨新人賞 新人獎" work´ s name:《世紀末紀念碑》
涂鈞筑(Dept. of Fine Arts, Master.) Awarded "第十五屆彩墨新人賞 特優" work´ s name:《親近》
劉國松 (Dept. of Fine Art, Professer) Awarded "American Academy of Arts and Sciences"
林玠里(Dept. of Design, Master.) Awarded "10th Macau Design Biennial-bronze" work´ s name:《茄芷袋》
范祐晟(Dept. of Fine Arts, Master.) Awarded "2015 Da dun Arts Exhibition-Da dun prize(The Highest Honor)" work´ s name:《殷紅》
吳又予(Dept. of Fine Arts) Awarded "2015 Tainan Art Exhibition -Orient medium-The First prize" work´ s name:《莫忘初衷》
李宜樺、劉嘉璘(Dept. of Design) Awarded "中華青年學子創意大賽數位媒體設計類一等獎" work´ s name:《台灣新年行事曆》
湯敏(Dept. of Fine Arts) Awarded "2015 Hsinchu Art Exhibition -Chinese Painting- Hsinchu Award(The Highest honor)" work´ s name:《靈》
許芳瑜/陳政豪(Dept. of Design) Awarded "2015 Red Dot: best of the best" work´ s name:《Greedy Germ》
葛昌惠(Dept. of Design, Master.) Awarded "2014 Red Dot Award & 2015 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (Honorable Mention)" work´ s name:《No Nuclear》
江孟芝(Dept. of Fine Arts) Awarded "2015 IEEE Visualization VIS Arts Program – Selected Work" work´ s name:《陌語莫語》
林俊良 (Dept. of Design, Professer) Training of personnel awarded WorldSkills Competition silver
林俊良 (Dept. of Design, Professer) Topped the magazine 《Le Monde》& 《Internazionale》cover
林俊良 (Dept. of Design, Professer) Awarded "Graphis" Poster Annual 2015-silver medal
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