Overview of operations

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I. Organize various college-level meetings (e.g. college affairs, faculty evaluation, curriculum); arrange external faculty reviews according to law; revise and establish College regulations.
II. Handle dean election-related tasks.
III. Manage general intra-college administrative affairs and assignments from the dean; to coordinate on communications among individual departments and centers within the College.
IV. Organize the College’s important annual events, academic exchanges, contract-signing and various conference ceremonies.
V. Put together a series of events for the NTNU Art Festival, such as the opening ceremony, and the printing and distribution of promotional materials.
VI. Implement the “NTNU Department of Fine Arts Collection Maintenance and Preservation Program” and promote the NTNU Fine Arts Banking Program.
VII. Organize the “Lu Zhangshen Calligraphy Scholarship Contest” and the exhibition and conference ceremony for award-winning works.
VIII. Compile the College of Fine Arts News with four issues a year, including data collection, layout design, and printing and distribution, etc.
IX. Establish SOP for the College.
X. Maintain and update the College’s Chinese and English websites.